Ideal talent for TMONET


    A passion and proactive
    attitude towards work


    Intellectual capability and strong commitment
    to self-development


    The ability to think and act
    based on correct values


    An innovative mindset
    that breaks away from the mold


    Creative thinking and a willingness to rise to the challenge

A leader that leads
trends and innovation
in the digital world

Recruitment process

  • STEP 01

  • Application
  • Applications are received only online
  • STEP 02

  • Document review
  • Those who have passed the document
    review will receive notifications
  • STEP 03

  • Interview
  • Interview with senior executives
    (An online personality test will take place
    before the interview with senior executives)
  • STEP 04

  • Health checkup
  • Health checkups will take place on those
    who have passed the interview,
    at a designated healthcare institution.
  • STEP 05

  • Final selection of candidates

Employee welfare

  • Support for capability development
  • Sponsorship of tuition for
    work competency development
  • Leave policy
  • 5 day workweek/ Annual leave/ Leave
    for life events/ Replacement leave/ Maternity leave
    Last Wednesday of every month: A day of culture
  • Healthcare benefits
  • Overall health checkup for employees and their spouse
    at a hospital designated by the company Subsidies for medical insurance through subscription to collective
    insurance for injuries Vaccine shots against
    influenza during winter season
  • Celebrations on major anniversaries
  • Subsidies for culture-related expenses
    on birthdays or anniversaries
  • Financial aid for studies
  • Financial aid for employees’ children enrolled
    in high school or university Financial aid for
    outstanding talents enrolled in graduate courses
  • Subsidies for life events
  • Marriage of employees (2,000,000 Won) or marriage of
    direct family members Childbirth (400,000 Won for
    the first child, 1 million Won for the second child and
    2 million Won for the third child) Subsidies for
    major life events such as 60th or 70th birthday

Do you have questions about the HR policy at TMONET?

  • Business management team
  • HR personnel
  • 070.8891.2622
  • t-monet@tmonet.co.kr
  • Recruitment announcement
  • You can check announcements made on recruitment by TMONET on the company’s website.


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