More ways to use the mobile transportation card

Overview of the mobile transportation card services

Mobile transportation card

  • - Distribution of mobile T-money
  • - Recruiting and managing members
  • - Management and scale-up of users
  • - Scale-up of mobile Top-up services

Offline Top-up

  • Subway

  • News stands
    at bus stops

  • Convenience

Online Top-up

  • Mobile

  • Credit

  • Bank

Online Payment

  • Games

  • Movies

  • Movies

  • Portal websites

  • Online shops

  • Entertainment

Offline Payment

  • Buses

  • Subways

  • Taxis

  • Parking lots

  • Old palaces

  • Cinemas

  • Vending machines

  • Amusement parks

  • The Namsan Tunnel

  • Convenience stores

  • Public phones

Mobile transportation card APP

TMONET operates the mobile T-money app. The customer can top it up in advance
to use it as a prepaid card, or can be billed after using the card for payment.

  • Prepaid type
  • Later billing type

Strong point of the mobile transportation card services

Mobile transportation card is an advance payment tool that can easily and conveniently used to make payments
without a complicated authentication procedure required for credit cards and mobile phone payments.

  • Safe payment Smishing is blocked at source
  • By deducting the balance of T-money from SE USIM,
    it is possible to respond to illegal use
    such as smishing or hacking.
  • Simple payment Easy, Quick, Simple
  • Payment is completed with a simple click without a separate authentication step
  • Prepaid Top-up Use of all age groups
  • Prepayment system that can be topped up and used
    for payment regardless of the individual’s credit ratings or age.
    (The prepayment type or later billing type can be selected.)
  • Economic feasibility Income tax deduction
  • 30% income tax deduction for the payment amount
  • Transportation card

Mobile transportation cards Top-up service

The transportation card can be topped up with various payment methods
The transportation card is one of the leading electronic prepayment methods(T-money, CashBee)
and its Top-up can be done offline (convenience stores) or online.)


  • Convenience stores

  • Subway stations

  • News stands at bus stops


  • Mobile phones payment

  • Bank transfers

  • Gift certificates

  • T-coin

  • Credit cards

  • Simple payment

  • Simple bank transfers
    (Toss, Kakao)

Mobile transportation card payment services

Transportation cards such as T-money or CashBee can be used for online payment, too.
Transportation cards can be used for payment not only offline (for public transportation, convenience stores) but also online.


  • Convenience stores

  • Subway stations

  • News stands at bus stops


In-app payment services of mobile transportation cards

In-app payment of mobile transportation cards is specialized for smartphones where the payment is completed within two step, three seconds.

  • Select payment method for transportation card(Select payment method for transportation card)
  • Select mobile T-money/ CashBee
  • Mobile payment
  • Payment is completed (Balance is deducted from the USIM)

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