We provide all the technologies needed for a prepaid

Services offered by the solution

  • A total solution
    for businesses

  • From card issuance to payment,
    all features for prepayment are offered
    via the solution

  • Prepayment solutions
    for e-commerce

A total solution

  • A tailored solution from terminal, card issue to payment
  • A tailored solution for each country can be offered
    from the high technology environment of industrialized countries
    to specific environments of Southeast Asia, through features
    including the terminal device, card issuance and payment.

A terminal device tailored
to the specifics of the business

  • Traditional terminal devices for businesses
    (taxis, Tuk Tuks, buses) in Southeast Asia
    that lack large-scale capital, payment
    devices for stores and QR payment devices
    and related technologies.
  • Solution for card issuance
  • TMONET’s personalization solution for card issuance is a next generation solution for smaller-scale prepayment program management and personalization to ensure efficient cost management and successful issuance of prepayment cards for member stores, students and corporations.

    Through TMONET’s fast, flexible and modular system, customers can save costs through a sustainable card tailored to their businesses.

Key benefits

  • All-in-one card tailored to the individual’s needs
    Not only does it come with a compatible software but at an affordable price.

  • The first solution to offer flexibility for personalized data design and positioning.

  • Personalized high resolution graphics in black and white

  • The greater duration of the card helps save costs

  • A simple integration of the work order for personalization

Key features

  • Convenience in generating new files
  • Preview of card to be printed.
  • Option to print a sample card
  • Insightful and intuitive progress rate is marked.
  • Corporate payout cards(Corporate payout cards)
  • TMONET’s Corporate Payout Card is an innovative, safe and simple solution to manage business expenses. A lot of time and effort may be needed to settle accounts for business expenses. Using TMONET’s corporate payout card, payments can be made directly to the service provider as desired by the employee, to make the process more efficient and cost-effective.

Key benefits

  • Verification of transaction details and access to TMONET’s account management portal

  • User convenience offered through contactless smart cards

  • Secure payment of corporate expenses – Prevention of fraud

Key features

  • A flexible payment program that offers pre-payment and regular payment
  • Smart ID (for students)(Smart ID card)
  • TMONET’s smart card that serves as a student ID can be used on campus with high security and efficiency, improving the administrative work in student management.

    Smart ID cards can used not only for verification of student’s identity, but also for purchasing goods and services on campus or nearby.
    By linking up with smartphones, the card offers a convenient feature to make money transfers between students without cash.

Key benefits

  • Security is reinforced by adding extra security layers (printout of photos) to existing security features for smart cards

  • Improved convenience for students through added payment features

Key features

  • Support for developing user definition for the map design of student cards
  • Can be used for payments
  • By linking up with a QR code-based virtual card, money transfers and top-ups can be done
  • Smart card
  • With additional services that combine the basic payment feature with the latest trends, services offered by the customer company can be differentiated and brand awareness raised.
    Using a contactless smartcard, the customer company can enter a cash-oriented market to see the number and amount of transactions increase when customers use contactless cards.

    All individual cards are monitored and produced under the strictest quality control. Specialists of TMONET’s cards carefully select the material to ensure the card is used for a long time and present applicable security and design features. The long experience and expertise of TMONET meet the various needs of customers and ensure that the card’s features operate in the most optimal way.

Key benefits

  • The various card body technology and graphic solutions set the card apart in the market and clearly portray the brand image.

Key features

  • We are confident that TMONET’s smart cards are designed to deliver accurately the customer’s image.
    The cards offer attractive designs and the best security features.
  • Various graphic personalization is offered (e.g. embossed letters, indentation, thermal transfer printing, and laser options)
  • Bracelets and keychains(Smart cards that combine style with trends)
  • TMONET offers innovative contactless smart cards that come in the form of bracelets or keychains that can be worn.
    They operate in the same way as plastic smart cards and process payments quickly and safely on all contactless terminals.

    The bracelet and keychain smart cards of TMONET target new customers among the youth and sports fans and helps improve the quality of contactless smart card products by leveraging business opportunities in new fields.

Key benefits

  • Easy payments on all contactless terminal device

  • Speedy and stable transaction and telecommunication

  • Can be used for various purposes at special events

  • Increase in brand awareness

  • User definition via printing of logos and programming options

  • High durability for use in rough environments

Key features

  • The user can be marked through printing, carving or programming of the logo
  • A sturdy housing for use in harsh or rough environments
  • USIM card
  • The unprecedented speediness and convenience offered by mobile payments have reduced cash payments while increasing electronic payments, opening up new opportunities. TMONET is a leader in mobile payment technology and serves as a trusted service manager or TSM, which is a key security component in the complex NFC eco-system.

    The NFC (Near Field Communication) communication method guarantees quick and convenient mobile payment.

Key benefits

  • Some of the highest security standards are guaranteed through the Secure Element within the mobile phone

  • A user interface that can be used for marketing by financial institutions
    Payment specifications and best practice guidelines are offered to define the user and develop smart phone apps

  • All components needed to become a company that offers mobile NFC payment services are offered to the issuing company.
    Various security elements, including TSM services and payment service user interface are offered.

  • Convergence of various types of services including those for payment, point accumulation, mileage and membership

  • Quick and immediate account activation and forwarding of service content

Key features

  • Issuing company can define the card account information (mobile PIN, passcode, mPIN, online PIN, security patterns)
  • User environment is offered, including display of transaction details
  • HCE does not require SE fields
  • HCE (Host Card Emulation) is an alternative to existing NFC payment technology.
    When HCE is used, the payment app goes through the mobile phone’s operating system in lieu of the Secure Element field (SE) to directly interact with the security cloud system and the NFC controller.

    TMONET uses token technology based on a cloud to offer services with high security.

Key benefits

  • The card issuer does not need to use SIM or other SE for contactless NFC transactions.

  • All Android 4.4 devices with HCE technology installed offers payment, point programs, card access and payment for public transport through emulation on the NFC smart card.

Key features

  • Compatible with Android version 6.0 or higher
  • A virtual card built into a smartphone
  • In a fast-changing online environment, TMONET recognizes the need to immediately guarantee customer satisfaction.

    Using TMONET’s QR-based virtual card solution, virtual cards can be issued any time, any place at a low cost.

Key benefits

  • Management and control of payments through the mobile app
    Verification of transaction details, e.g. amount, seller, location and time

  • Visual representation of spending at each store

Key features

  • Authentication of card users (Mobile PIN, pass code, mPIN, online PIN, security pattern)
  • An improved user environment is offered, including display of transaction details
  • Solutions in Korea - Car sharing
  • By applying a total solution, an economical car sharing service where multiple people jointly rent a car in units of hours is offered.
  • This technology-intensive car sharing service allows one shared car to replace one passenger car. An average of 20% of the users of the car sharing service will no longer desire to purchase their own car, saving costs for vehicle maintenance and reducing the carbon dioxide emissions per person by 54%

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