Overseas Cases

TMONET has gone beyond the Korean market to develop international markets.

  • Total solution
  • - TMONET has all solutions from terminal
    devices to card issuance and payments.
    - From servicing countries in Southeast Asia to
    providing high technology to industrialized
    nations, TMONET has rich experience
    in offering IT solutions that cater to each
    country’s circumstances.
  • Tailored terminal device fit for the business
  • We have terminal devices for traditional businesses in Southeast Asia that lack large-scale capital (taxis, Tuk Tuks, buses) and terminals for payments at stores, as well as the technology and equipment for payments using QR codes.

TMONET’s total solution for international businesses

We manage and operate the entire system of mobile-based transportation cards.

Solutions provided to New Zealand

Using Country New Zealand
Partner SNAPPER(New Zealand Wellington Transportation Card Company)
Using Region Wellington
Service Outline Construction of Public Transportation Mobile payment service in Wellington, New Zealand in 2008
Main Function Download and set up a SNAPPER mobile app on an NFC Android smartphone, add or purchase
Used Place City Bus, Travel Pass
Other Function - Charges, Payments, and Reference
- Save payment details, register cards, view card information
- Application feedback and support

Business Partners

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