Is there any way to use transportation cards in a more convenient way?

Main function of DaemDaem

  • View balance on
    the transportation card

  • Top-up the
    transportation card Online

  • Online payment
    using transportation cards.

  • Differentiating features from other services
  • Korea’s first transportation card
    Top-up service in iPhone app
  • Korea’s only online payment services
    via plastic transportation cards
  • Won the grand prize at 2018
    and 2019 Smart App Award

Key milestones

  • 2015
  • 09

    BubiNFC is launched (Android)
    NFC Top-up of transportation cards
    Service is launched

  • 2016
  • 04

    Transportation Card NFC Payment
    Service is launched

  • 2018
  • 10

    BubiNFC 2.0 is launched
    2018 Smart App Award.
    Won the grand prize for everyday finance category

  • 2019
  • 09

    Opend Bubi cash(Android)
    Opend Transportation card point charging service

  • 11

    NFC Top-up service is launched for transportation cards (iOS)
    2019 Smart App Award.
    Won the grand prize for everyday finance category

  • 2020
  • 05

    Opend DaemDaem reneuwal 3.0
    (BubiNFC → DaemDaem)

Services offered by DaemDaem

  • View balance on the transportation card
  • The balance on the transportation card can be viewed when the card is tapped onto the back of a smartphone.
  • Top-up of transportation cards
  • The transportation card can be topped up via various methods such as mobile phones, credit cards, and etc.
  • Online shopping payment
  • NFC payment can be used at approximately 200 online member stores (Nexen, Africa TV, and etc.)
  • Discounted shopping
  • Products can be purchased at a discount using the transportation card in the ‘discounted shopping’ category within the app.
  • Drop a hit/ Free Top-up center
  • Drop a hint to someone to Top-up the transportation card.
    Free Top-up center where Top-up can be done using Free point

Top-up of DaemDaem

The transportation card can be topped up by selecting the method, making the payment, then tagging

  • 1Select the Top-up method
  • 2Authentication and payment complete
  • 3Tagging of transportation card
  • 4Top-up complete

DaemDaem Payment

Payment at online member stores is possible using the topped up amount on the plastic transportation card.

  • 1Select payment method
  • 2Select payment type
  • 3Tag transportation card
  • 4Payment complete

Business Partners

Inquiries about the business/ collaboration opportunities

  • Business/ collaboration

    The person in charge


Customer center

  • 1899.2823

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