• Welcome to the website of TMONET.
    I’m Jinwoo Park, the CEO of TMONET Co., Ltd.
  • Since its establishment in 2007,TMONET has been growing
    into a key player in the Fintech market, as a mobile payment solution company.
    The company has been expanding its business areas
    with the financial security business and immersive media art business.

    The ‘Bunker de Lumières’ media art exhibition
    that was first unveiled in November, 2018 in Jeju
    following many years of preparation is a new digital museum for the 21st century
    where leading art curating meets information technology and space.

    We are not afraid of restraints or concerned about fitting into a mold.
    We develop uncharted territory to create unique things unseen thus far.
    We remain committed to being a leader of trends.

    We ask for your kind support as we continue on this journey.
    Thank you.
  • CEO of TMONET Jinwoo Park

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