Not only individuals, but corporations, too, can use the card
to conveniently process business transportation expenses.

Easy to process electronically

  • Processing for accounting is simplified

  • Details of transportation card use can be viewed or printed
    to be submitted as supporting documents

  • Convenient identification of transportation cost status by department

Cost-saving for the company

  • Data from the system can be used to provide supporting documents
    for expensing transportation Expenditure

  • By encouraging employees to take public transportation, fewer taxis
    will be taken which will save transportation expenses

No need to compile supporting documents separately

  • No need to collect receipts from taxis or transportation fares

  • Easy to verify transaction details

  • NO! No need to pay out of pocket then have the company reimburse you

Service configuration for corporate transportation cards

  • Company
  • Transportation card Registration
  • View/ print transaction details
  • (Accounting can be simplified)
  • Corporate transportation card

Quick viewing and downloading of transaction details

  • Verify transaction details for transport fares
  • (No need to submit supporting
    documents for reimbursement)
  • Employee

Services offered upon joining membership

  • Free rental of Top-up device
  • - Top-up devices to be used at the
    company are leased for free

    - Immediate Top-up in the office

  • Issuance of Top-up vouchers (T-Coin) for transportation cards
  • - Immediate Top-up at convenience
    stores across the country or
    through smartphone apps using
    a unique number

    - Easy distribution of transportation card
    Top-up vouchers to employees
    on the move

    - Can be used for promotion
    to customers

  • Easy Top-up of transportation cards
  • - When topped up in the company,
    bank transfers or credit card
    payments can be used

    - No need to collect receiptsor
    manage cash (Details of Top-ups
    can be viewed at any time)

Inquiries on service

  • Customer center

    The person in charge


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