Becoming the pillars of a sharing economy system..

Service provided to Carsharing

  • Customer System

    Mobile, homepage registration,

  • Administrator Operation
    System (OS)

    Members, reservations, policies,
    complaints, accounts balance,
    statistics, vehicles, monitoring
    admin system, etc.

  • Linked Servers

    Payments, SMS, driver’s license
    information, vehicle details

  • External Systems

    Card companies, telecommunications
    companies, road traffic authority,
    vehicle details

  • Safety,Barrier-free System

    Composed of divided service
    operations, multilevel security policy,
    data back-up configuration, and
    service routine inspection modules

  • Carsharing platform
  • Individual or all services can be selectively applied depending on the requirements Easy to build within a short-term
  • Carsharing terminal
  • Specialized terminal service linked to the vehicle’s status control, driver’s habits, and other devices (vehicle temperature-humidity, etc. sensor measurement, navigation, black box)

About terminal

  • Vehicle Internal Terminal
  • Terminal equipped within the vehicle. Used to control the vehicle remotely and Sends vehicle status details to the server

  • Vehicle External Terminal
  • Terminal used to recognize the authorized RF card and control (ON/OFF) the vehicle doors. Also provides various information through speakers

  • IOT Terminal
  • Terminal equipped with temperature, humidity, alcohol, sudden acceleration, sharp curve, etc. sensors. Sends vehicle status to the server

  • BLACK BOX Terminal
  • If an EVENT occurs to/with the vehicle, the BLACK BOX records the EVENT and sends all relevant details to the server

Business Partners

Carsharing Registered Patents

  • Platform GS
    Grade 1

    - Korea Testing Laboratory
    GS Certification

    - Certification No. 17-0020

  • Terminal

    - National Radio Research

    - KC Certification

    - MSIP-CMM-CSID-120

  • Terminal
    Test Report

    - Korea Testing Certification

    - Giheung 2017-00579

  • Platform

    - Copyright Certificate

    - No. C-2017-022511

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