Add safety to convenience.

A patented solution for electronic
signatures used on the cloud

  • BM patent

    - No. 10-1863953

    - Electronic signature
    services and methods

  • Patent on machine

    - No. 10-1933090

    - How to provide electronic
    signatures and servers

  • Patent on large-scale
    key management

    - Patent pending 10-201900094543

    - How to manage security keys
    and security key servers
    (currently under review)

Various operating systems,
web browser support

Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Internet Explorer,
Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera

User management and support for usage
history through connected devices

Bio-authentication features
One-time password support

Compatible with a Non-ActiveX-
based user environment

Compatible with mobile app (library)

Service configuration of EasySign

Service organization

  • Banks

  • Securities
    trading firm

  • Civil Complaints 24

  • Home Tax

7. Verification and completion
of electronic signatures

  • 1. Request for
    electronic signature
  • 6. Transmission of
    electronic signature data


Authentication of identity : Bio-authentication/ PIN

  • 2. Request for
    electronic signature
  • 5. Transmission of
    electronic signature data

(Secure Data Center)

  • FDS(Fraud Detection Service) : Detection and blocking of risk factors
  • Intermediary server
    PC→Phone (OTP-based authentication)

  • Authentication server
    Terminal device authentication (Device CA), User authentication (FIDO)

  • 3. Transmission of data on user’s electronic

    4. Generation of an electronic signature in HSM

  • HSM
    FIPS 140-2 Level 3 authentication

How EasySign compares with other services

Comparison item EasySign Company A (saved on mobile phone) Company B (saved on USIM)
User convenience Use of bio-authentication Enter the password for note of authentication Enter the password for note of authentication
Reinforced security A pair of encrypted authentication keys is saved on HSM All data of the authentication note is exposed to the PC memory when used A pair of keys is saved on the USIM
Easy to synchronize with other systems A lightweight mobile library is provided. There is no need for installation, as it is based on PKCS#11 and HTML Operates using a unique method A unique method compatible with PKCS#11
Stable services Public authentication organization IDC is used Private IDC is used Private IDC is used
Compatible with various user environments Compatible with a mobile environment (Android, iPhone) and all OS and web browsers of PC Compatible with the mobile environment (Android, iPhone) and some PC Compatible with the mobile environment (Android, iPhone) and some PC
Service fees Individual user: free
Corporate user: With fee
With fee With fee

Business Partners

Inquiries about services

  • Staff member in charge of
    the business/ collaboration

    The person in charge


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