Overseas Cases

TMONET has gone beyond the Korean market to develop international markets.

  • Total solution
  • - TMONET has all solutions from terminal
    devices to card issuance and payments.
    - From servicing countries in Southeast Asia to
    providing high technology to industrialized
    nations, TMONET has rich experience
    in offering IT solutions that cater to each
    country’s circumstances.
  • Tailored terminal device fit for the business
  • We have terminal devices for traditional businesses in Southeast Asia that lack large-scale capital (taxis, Tuk Tuks, buses) and terminals for payments at stores, as well as the technology and equipment for payments using QR codes.

TMONET’s total solution for international businesses

We manage and operate the entire system of mobile-based transportation cards.

Solutions provided to Cambodia (PAYON)

A complete package that caters to the requirements
of card issuance for all customers

Cards are produced and issued based on the customer’s requirements, whether they be prepaid cards
for small payments or prepaid cards with transportation card features and added security.

  • Card type

  • USIM card/ NFC typeAn alternative solution for the existing SIIM-based NFC payment technology

  • Accessory type

  • HCE typeThe highest-level security standards are applied Compatible with Android and iOS. Compatible with Android and iOS

  • Band type

  • Virtual card type

Business Roadmap

E-commerce payment solutions

customers are offered the freedom of choice
in payment method when using the online store.

Payment solution for buses/ small vehicles

  • Discounts for bus fares and a staggered fare system based on distance

  • Feature to print cash receipts / The machine is designed and
    manufactured to ensure safety even during collision of the vehicle.

  • Online reporting portal feature

NFC mobile payment solutions
for transport fares

Payment for transport fares can be made using the digital NFC mobile
function on mobile phones, making it more convenient than using traditional tickets.

Convenient payment
while on the move

Whether it is at the market or at the premises of a client,
as long as you have Wifi or mobile data connectivity, payments can be made
using QR codes, safely and conveniently through our solutions.

In-store payment solutions

E-commerce payment solutions

customers are offered the freedom of choice in payment method when using the online store.

Electronic gift vouchers

Business Partners

  • OVERSEAS investment
  • PAYON’s History
  • Key ceremony for the issuance of prepaid cards

  • Souvenir photo after the key ceremony

  • A top-up station in the PayOn offices

  • Version 1.0. Version 1.0 of the card design

  • Version 2.0. Version 2.0 of the card design
    (Currently in production as of September, 2017)

  • Key chain type
    (Currently in production as of September, 2017)

  • Symbol. Symbol stickers for membership stores

  • Version 1.0. Version 1.0 of the card design
    < Back side >

  • POS Terminal
    (Prepaid card features have been developed; PPCBank is currently being installed.)

  • Outdoor advertising on the PGCT building in Phnom Penh

  • After installing a card issuance machine in Cambodia, prepaid cards are currently being issued.

  • A dummy terminal device for top-up/payment services of ATOMY

  • Band type card
    (Currently on sale as of September, 2017)

  • Terminal in taxis
    After installation

  • Marking device on the exterior of the taxi

  • Top-up/ payment services have been launched for ATOMY Pick-up

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