• Innovation is in our daily lives
  • TMONET is a company of specialists in mobile payment,
    secure environment and unique arts and culture projects.

  • Mobile transportation cards
    more than one way to use it.
  • We developed a mobile payment system for public transport fares
    that removes the constraints of time and place.
  • About Mobile transportation cards
  • Is there another way
    to use transportation cards
    more easily and more conveniently?
  • No matter where or when,
    the transportation card can be topped up using a mobile app.
    You can even use it for shopping!
  • About DaemDaem APP
  • Domestic unique
    transportation card gift
    certificate that is
    easy to use.
  • After topping up the transportation card using a simple PIN,
    it can be used as a prepaid card at any online or offline store
    in the country that accepts transportation cards as payment.
  • About Transportation gift cards
  • Not only individuals, but corporations, too,
    can use the card to conveniently process
    business transportation expenses.
  • Distributing the transportation card to your employees
    can add the finishing touch employee welfare.
    The integrated management system frees you
    from submitting supporting documents for expenses.
  • About Corporate transportation cards
  • Adding safety to convenience
  • No need to install a complementary program!
    No need to use authentication codes or passwords!
    The cloud authentication allows you to access it anytime, anywhere.
  • About EasySign